Monday, February 11, 2013

It's Monday! Alexandria, Cosmic, Hero

It's time for our weekly post for - It's Monday! What Are You Reading? sponsored by Teach Mentor Texts. Hope over to their blog to check out other IMWAYR posts. Here we go:
Amanda is reading:
* Last week I got started with my monthly Kindle Lending Library title: Alexandria by John Kaden, a post-apocalyptic novel with a cult twist. The first third or so was really riveting, but it's slowed down a bit. At about the 75% mark it picked up again when the main characters finally discovered the fabled Alexandria. I'm looking forward to the final 10%.
* Cosmic by Frank Cottrell Boyce is about a sixth grade boy who is often mistaken for an adult because of his abnormal height and early-onset facial hair. Therefore, Liam gets to do awesome things like drive a Porche and ride adult roller coasters. Ultimately, though, he ends up drifting in space when a rocket test goes awry. Uh oh! So far this book has been really fun.

* I've been so captivated by It's Monday, What Are You Reading? that I've taken it to my classroom. David at {Eat the Book} inspired me to use the SpinCam app to capture what students are reading each Monday. Click the picture below to see the SpinCam of what my fifth graders are reading this week:

Ashley is reading:
Ashley really enjoys books by Mike Lupica. She says that they give her a warm fuzzy feeling. He usually writes sports novels where underdog teams defy expectations and troubled kids find a place to belong. Hero is a real departure for Lupica - an actual superhero story! A teenage boy seeks to save the world. Cue music.
What are you reading?

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