Sunday, March 17, 2013

Abbreviated Review: Woods Runner by Gary Paulsen

Abbreviated Reviews are just shorter and use a more simple format. Here we go:

I don't read a lot of historical fiction, but Woods Runner made me want to read more. Set during the Revolutionary War, Woods Runner follows 13 year old Samuel. While living on the frontier, his parents are captured by Redcoats and Samuel uses his tracking skills in his attempt to find and rescue them. Along the way he has heart-stopping encounters with Iroquois Indians, volunteer militiamen, Hessians, Patriots spies, and civilians just trying to stay alive.
Woods Runner
The format of this book is rather unique. It places a page or so of nonfiction between each chapter. At first I thought I would find these interruptions distracting, but Gary Paulsen has crafted them so that they give brief, interesting information that is directly related to the surrounding chapters.

I really enjoyed the pace and story of Woods Runner. I read it in one sitting. My only complaint is that some elements of the plot were just a bit too convenient. I know lots of my rural 5th graders will love this book, so I plan to read it as a read-aloud.
4 stars

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