Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Battle for WondLa Cover Reveal and Release Date

I have loved the WondLa books since I first saw Book 1 - The Search for WondLa - on the store shelf. Tony DiTerlizzi's artwork sets these books apart. Each book has full page color images that act almost as a series of color studies:

The trilogy follows Eva Nine, a human girl raised in an underground bunker by a robot. She believes that there are other humans on her planet, but has been told that she's not ready to leave the bunker and see for herself. When Eva Nine is forced out into the open, the truth of her planet is both wonderful and terrifying.

Tony DiTerlizzi has been documenting his cover art process and soliciting feedback from fans at his blog. I've enjoyed watching his process. Now the official cover of Book 3 - The Battle for WondLa - has been revealed!

DiTerlizzi also has a video posted on the Entertainment Weekly website explaining his process for creating this cover art. 

I can't wait for this release! Mark your calendar - It's May 6, 2014.

Not sure the series is for you? My reviews of the first two books are here:

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