Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Reading Outside the Box Challenge 2014

Over the last week, I've posted about each of the 5 challenges I'm doing in 2014:
* The TBR Pile Challenge
* Meet the Protagonist
* I Love Library Books
* Audiobook Challenge
... and today's challenge, the final one for 2014 ~ Reading Outside the Box

The idea of this challenge is read books outside your typical comfort zone. There are 25 books in this challenge, one for each square:

The challenge is hosted by Alison at The Cheap Reader and most of the categories are pretty self-explanatory. Here are brief explanations for the unclear ones:

* Read a Chunkster: Read a book with 600+ pages.
* Reading by Ear: Listen to an audiobook
* Accidentally Watched the Movie First: You didn’t realize the movie was based on a book until after you watched it. Ideally you haven’t read the book yet.
* Relive the Magic: Reread a book you really enjoyed as a kid but haven’t touched it since then.
* Gathering Dust: You’ve had this book for years and you still haven’t read it.
* Loved By Others: Other people really love this book but for whatever reason you haven’t read it yet.
* Lost in Translation: This book was originally written in another language.
* Second Chance: You read this book a while back and didn’t enjoy it, didn’t finish it, or were on the fence about it. Time to give it another try!

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