Saturday, May 3, 2014

A Bookish Game

Cait at The Book Chewers has suggested a really fun bookish game:

I am currently reading my usual 3 books - one for each format: audiobook, ebook, and print/physical/dead-tree. So we get to see 3 different interpretations of my social life. This should definitely be interesting!

Yesterday I started Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld. I enjoyed his book Peeps, but I've really resisted Leviathan because I'm not a huge fan of steam punk. Nearly 100 pages in, though, I'm enjoying it more than I expected.
The first sentence on page 34 reads:

"If you start to panic, or if you think something's gone wrong, just throw this."

Wow! I wasn't panicking about my social life before, but maybe I should be! I mean, I'm not exactly the life of the party, but that's okay with me. I guess I should start looking around for something to throw for when the panic sinks in.

Scan by Walter Jury and S.E. Fine was just released yesterday so I'm behind on my goal of reading the ARC and posting a review before the publication date. I got distracted by other awesome books. *sigh* Scan is a sci-fi alien thriller for teens. The first sentence on page 34 is:

"This has potential."

Hooray! A positive perspective on my social life! I like that much better than Leviathan's interpretation. 

My current dead-tree book is Dead City by James Ponti. It's a Middle Grades zombie novel. Sweet! The first sentence on page 34 is:

"According to this, there should be eight people buried in there," she said, reading from one.

At first I thought this meant that I had eight different personalities in my social life - maybe one for each social situation. But then I saw the last three words. Maybe it means that my social life is all about reading. That's true! My friends and I talk about books a lot. We visit book stores together. Sometimes we even sit and read while hanging out.


  1. I love the ones for Scan and Leviathan! Too awesome. ;) And they really do work, too, which is great.

    Thanks for stopping by @ The Book Chewers!

    1. The Leviathan one is hilarious as a statement on social situations!