Sunday, March 23, 2014

A to Z Blogging Challenge

We all know that I'm not the best at posting regularly. Lots of people manage to post every day! How do they do it? To help me get in the groove, I've decided to join the annual A to Z Blogging Challenge. This challenge is for all bloggers, not just book bloggers, so it's also a fun way to discover new blogs and grow readership.

The challenge is to post something every day in April (except Sundays). The catch is that the first post starts with the letter A, the second with B, third with C, and so on.

I decided to go ahead and make a list of all my posts because I like to be organized. A few are even pre-written and scheduled. Awesome!

What to except for my A to Z Challenge posts in April:
** Note - yellow highlights indicate a full book review **

T 4/1 – A: Amulet series love and book 6 cover
W 4/2 – B: Blind date with a book
R 4/3 – C: Classics Club rocks
F 4/4 – D: Doll Bones Abbreviated review
S 4/5 – E: Eighth Day Tattoos

M 4/7 – F: Freakling Review
T 4/8 – G: Gregor series love
W 4/9 – H: The Hero’s Guide to Saving Your Kingdom Review
R 4/10 – I: Incredible Book Eating Boy images
F 4/11 – J: Jack Templar series love
S 4/12 – K: Kensuke’s Kingdom abbreviated review

M 4/14 – L: Library Love
T 4/15 – M: Marissa Meyer and drooling over Winter
W 4/16 – N: Night Gardener Review
R 4/17 – O: Out of My Mind abbreviated review
F 4/18 – P: Michelle Paver’s series love
S 4/19 – Q: Queen of Attolia fan art and why I love her

M 4/21 – R: Rangers Apprentice series love
T 4/22 – S: Savvy and Scumble review
W 4/23 – T: The Castle Behind Thorns Review
R 4/24 – U: Anne Ursu, The Real Boy and Breadcrumbs blurbs
F 4/25 – V: View From Saturday Review
S 4/26 – W: Robert Paul Weston books + Skype

M 4/28 – X: Jonathan Auxier, Peter Nimble preview and link to The Night Gardener
T 4/29 – Y: ??? maybe a character with a Y name?
W 4/30 – Z: Zora and Me abbreviated review

I'm excited about this challenge! These topics will be so fun to write about, and I can't wait to meet others in the challenge. You should join us!


  1. Hi Amanda, I just "met" you on Twitter and tweeted you. Now I'm taking a break from my day of AtoZ writing. I sometimes plan a post, but often start out with a word and just let it happen. I I like to be surprised at what comes out! You might enjoy one of my other blogs: Best wishes, Mary

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I like being planned out, but you're right that I should be open to changing my mind if another idea comes up at some point. Spontaneous can be fun!

  2. PS I forgot to say I like your blog!

  3. J is very interesting! I wish I had time to read some of these. At least I'll have them saved to come back to. I hope you are enjoying the AtoZ!
    Mary at Variety, the Spice of Life

    1. Thanks! Jack Templar is such a wonderful, little-known series!