Thursday, January 15, 2015

Smek for President - Top-Notch Alien Humor

Premise: After saving Earth from an alien invasion, Tip (a human) and J. Lo (a Boov) visit the new Boov homeworld. J. Lo is wanted for his role in the Gorg attack, so they quickly find themselves on the run and embroiled in the first-ever Boov presidential campaign.

Title: Smek for President
Author: Adam Rex
Length: 272 pages
Genre: Science fiction
Content appropriate for: Grades 5-8
Format: Digital ARC provided by the publisher via NetGalley
Release Date: February 10, 2015

Three adjectives that describe this book: hilarious, creative, engaging

As a HUGE fan of The True Meaning of Smekday, I was both thrilled and nervous about this book 2. Luckily it was very nearly as great, possibly more hilarious, and way fun. J. Lo and Tip experience Boovish government buildings, local Boov homes, the garbage collection system, Boov prison, and even a Museum of Noises. They are even pursued by a strangely familiar assassin:

Since Tip and J. Lo spend most of the book on New Boovworld, I really enjoyed seeing what a Boov society looks like, and the scenes where Captain Smek is trying to be President are hilarious. Really the whole thing is hilarious. Like book 1, this one included comic strips and illustrations that really add to the story.

A taste:

My one big complaint about The True Meaning of Smekday has been that the story is 400+ pages with no chapter breaks, so it just seems to go on and on. This time, Adam Rex decided to use chapter divisions (hooray!). Overall, a great sequel to a wonderful book.

Side Note: I'm hesitantly looking forward to the movie, even though the name they picked (Home) totally stinks. Jim Parsons as J. Lo (named just O in the movie) is inspired and I love the trailer. Fingers crossed.

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