Review Policy

Thank you for your interest in our reviews. If you have questions or would like to contact us, email Amanda.

This review policy is current as of January 2, 2015.

Do we accept review copies?
We love to read so we are happy to accept review copies from publishers of any size, including self-published authors.

What types of books do we prefer?
We only review YA and MG books, so please send only those. We accept books in both digital and hard-copy format. If you are sending a book that is part of a series, please note that we always read series books in order. Therefore, if your book is not the first in the series we will need the other books as well, unless we have already read them.

Although our passion is reading, our TBR shelf is ginormous so
we prefer the following genres:
* Fantasy
* Science fiction/paranormal
* Realistic fiction (including sports)
* Mystery/thriller
* Poetry and novels in verse
* Unique styles (ex. The Invention of Hugo Cabret by B. Selznick)
* Unique narrative nonfiction

We prefer not to read:
* Romance
* Religious novels

Do we cross-list?
Yes! Our reviews are also posted through Goodreads, Twitter, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon.

What will we say? And when will we post the review?
We do our best to finish every book. If possible, we will post the review within one month prior to the book's release date. It will be an honest reflection of our thoughts. On the rare occasion that we have to abandon a book, we will not post a review.

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