Friday, December 20, 2013

Meet the Protagonist Challenge 2014

I've been looking for a new reading challenge for 2014. I want one that will actually challenge me. This one seems to fit the bill:

The Meet the Protagonist Challenge is sponsored by Littlequeen Rules and requires that one book be read in each of these categories during 2014.

A Book Where the Protagonist Is:
* A woman who is a mother - Aak, an adult book! Recommendations please!
* A real-life person written into a fictional story - I've never read one of these... help?
* A person that changes forms
* A person who is from a country that is different from the one you currently live in
* A person who lived before WWI
* A person who lives by a body of water
* A person younger than 18 - The easiest one! 99 percent of my books are MG or YA!
* A character that is in a book series - I love reading series!!

For more information and to sign up, check out the Meet The Protagonist Challenge site.

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