Saturday, January 2, 2016

Reading Challenges for 2016

Last year, 2015, was the first year that I didn't complete all of my reading challenges. I moved across the state and changed jobs, so that I may have put a hamper in my reading. On the other hand, I really really really enjoyed 2 challenges that I completed - ABC Challenge and PopSugar. Both of these pushed me in ways, and helped me find new things to read.

So - I'll be doing both of those this year;

1. ABC Challenge - read a book for every letter of the alphabet. The title should start with the letter, although you may exclude The and A. For X, the x can be anywhere in the title.

2. PupSugar Ultimate Reading Challenge - A list of random genres and characteristics including "A YA Bestseller," "A Murder Mystery," "A Book of Poetry," and "A Book That Takes Place on an Island."

3. Triple Dog Dare Challenge - A Challenge to make you focus on your TBR pile. In this challenge, you commit to using January, February, and March to only read books that you already own. Exceptions are - new releases, books on hold at the library (from 2015), and new ARCs.
Since I just bought a pile of books at the bookstore this week, I'm excited to force myself to read them!

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