Monday, January 21, 2013

It's Monday! Warriors, Atopia, Bitterblue

This is our first post for the fabulous meme - It's Monday! What Are You Reading? (Picture books to YA) sponsored by Teach Mentor Texts. Here we go:
Amanda is currently reading 2 books:
* The Complete Atopia Chronicles by Matthew Mather is actually 6 "sidequels." Basically they are companion novels that run simultaneously and tell a complete story when read together. Each story is told in the first-person by a different character. This book is adult science fiction, set about 100 years from now. It explores the impact of evolving technology (especially synthetic reality and virtual worlds) on Earth's people.

I'm about halfway through right now. It's a very challenging text because Mather has only slowly explained the technology at the center of the story. It's been hard for my 21st century mind to understand how it works. However, I've been impressed at how he's revealed just enough for the story to make sense so that at this point I've developed quite a clear grasp of what's going on.

* Gods and Warriors by Michelle Paver is the first book in a new series. My students and I have really enjoyed her Wolf Brother books so I was excited to start this one. I just started it today and I'm about one-third of the way through. This story takes place during the Bronze Age and follows a boy named Hylas who is an Outsider with no village or ancestors. Like Wolf Brother this book feels like historical fiction and has healthy elements of historical culture, but it's set in a unique world. So far I don't like it as much as Wolf Brother - it's a bit contrived. Maybe it will get better?

Ashley is currently reading 2 books:
* Bitterblue by Kristin Cashore is the third Graceling book. It explores the world of Bitterblue, a young girl central to the first book, Graceling. Bitterblue's father was a madman who ruled his kingdom through manipulation and magic. Now Bitterblue is in charge, but she's underage and must figure out how to deal with the legacy of her father and help her kingdom move forward.

* A Dance With Dragons by George R.R. Martin is the fifth Game of Thrones book. This book is taking forever to read...

That's what we're reading this Monday! What are you reading?


  1. Oh! I'm so happy that you're reading Kristin Cashore—she's an author who I evangelize like few others—but I saw on your review of Graceling that you decided to skip Fire and...ahhhhh! I know I'm a complete stranger, but you must go back to Fire at some point. One, because it's an extraordinary book (I love it most of the three), and two, because it's very illuminating when you read Bitterblue (which, no matter what, I hope you enjoy—it was one of my favorites from last year).

    Anyway, that's my overly-emotional reaction to all things Kristin Cashore. Have a great week of reading!

    1. Actually, a few other friends also said we HAD to read Fire so Ashley finished it last week before starting Bitterblue and I'll start reading Fire sometime in the next few weeks. Thanks for your concern and your passion for these fantastic books!